Ode to the Dulce…

Ok fine, i DO have a reason for moving to Argentina. It starts with a “dulce” and ends with a “leche.” TITS that shit is delicious. And if i’m really being honest, admitting a weakness for dulce de leche is being a bit generous. It really expands far far beyond the simply carmel-like substance, to pretty much anything with refined sugar (well, or not refined sugar I suppose. Or honey. Or maple. Or agave. You get the picture…) as the #1 ingredient. And it is an addiction.

Thus, Argentina has become a dangerous feeding frenzy for me. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why these people are not more obese, but I can round back to that pregunta in a hot minute. First, let there be food porn.

DDL1 dulce10 dulce 5 Dulce1 Dulce2 Dulce3 dulce4 dulce6 dulce7 dulce8 dulce9

I’d like to point out, with more than a smidge of shame, that these are only photos of my purchased goodies. Really only in the last 2 weeks. The actual supply is endless, beautiful, and absolutely delicious. It looks like art! It literally does. Today I saw some sort of “whole wheat flour” cake that had 7 layers and 15 different shades of chocolate and dulce de leche and merengue and peanuts and oreos and mystery things and looked amazing, and was as close as you will see to any attempt to healthen up an Argentine dessert in this country. No gluten-free vegan pizza up in this hizzay… no sir-ee.

And you know what? I appreciate that. Because if you tell me there’s something in there that’s healthy (dates? what even are they, and why do they end up in desserts and make them seem healthier?) in there, i’ll help myself to seconds without a second thought of guilt. And you know what? My pants just keep getting tighter and tighter…

Anywho… this ode really would not be complete without a shoutout to my true love, my real partner, my trusty confidante. Always awaiting me, post lunch, post dinner, for an eager pre-lunch snack. Small or large, and under 100 calories a pop. Vauquitas, I love you, and I WILL find a way to bring you home with me. Even if it means putting a ring on it :-O


One thought on “Ode to the Dulce…

  1. Hola tranqui yanki! Como estas? Lindo tu blog pero quería hacerte unas preguntitas….
    1-que pensas del mate?
    2-cual te parece el mejor alfajor?
    3-tomas leche?
    4-realmente te gustan esos zapatos tan altos que usan todas las mujeres en este país?
    Me interesa saber tu opinión sobre estos temas ya que yo tb he viajado por el mundo y es interesante saber la opinión de unos ojos tan lindos como los tuyos… 🙂
    Estas hace mucho tiempo en buenos aires?

    Te mando un gran saludo desde la patagonia en donde me encuentro en este momento.


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