The “what not to do” of Ómbre…

Ah, the offensive hair color trend. What began in America as the “natural” dyed look has really taken a turn for the worst in the long jouney down to Buenos Aires. I’ve noticed it since my arrival, but only recently began trying to capture these gems for your pleasurable cringeworthiness. Note: I am trying to be stealthy, hence the shitty pictures, but turns out i’m not too good at it, hence the angry glances.

I’m not sure who brought ”ómbre” to Argentina, but they really should get an F in execution. And, I would like to point out, I would like it fully dissociated with the  “california style” i recently saw advertised on a box of dye…


And then, like an answer from above, while at the gym last night… I got my answer for this mayhem. For the responsible party, or at least she-who-will-be-blamed. This actress appeared on TV, casually chatting about her “nuevo estilo.” This is what she looks like. Sigh.


Alas, so it is. I would like to point out, I’m not sure if there was a national shortage of hair dye, but there is a solution to this problem. And it may involve simply embracing your inner castaño chicas 🙂

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