Ahh, the shoes…

This one’s been a long time a comin’.

The shoes. This country. I die. If you’re starting to notice a theme here… this country may or may not have ever joined the 21st century. On the plus side, that means obesity is not a problem. On the downside, it means scrunchies and platform shoes.

Platforms. We’re talking 5-6 inches people. EVERYWHERE. Mothers. Grandmothers. Pre-teens. Now, as a 5’8 jovencita in a país of short people, I’m not that upset about this. But… I just can’t get over them. I must photograph them at all times, because it never seizes to amaze me that people do this on purpose. I asked my lovely American friend (shoutout Lianna) how much I would have to pay her to wear these shoes seriously in San Francisco for one month. The answer was over $5000, and it should be noted she recently spent a year traveling and is approaching broke. They’re that bad. To spare you, I won’t post em all, but here are some gems I’ve captured.

shoes1 shoes2 shoes3 shoes4 shoes6shoes5

They’re just so so terrible. There are bets made as to when I’ll cave and buy into the trend, but my money is on never. Never ever ever. And, it should be noted, I am the biggest follower ever.

One thought on “Ahh, the shoes…

  1. It’s not just about women, we men don’t look better either. Did you get a chance to take a look at men’s shoes? Abominations, really. It’s becoming particularly painful to buy something decent, which is ironic, since this country likes to consider itself “European”. To make it even better, Buenos Aires is suppossed to be the “Paris of the South”… Ha! We certainly love our bullshit. By the way… English is difficult! I need a rest! (a permanent one, if possible. Oh Death! Sweet and loving embrace).

    PS: Facebook suggested me your blog (and I actually like it). So blame our CEO. I’m not a stalker (OK, not entirely true).

    Time to visit models.com. Some male models are really HOT! Yum!

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