There are too many things that catch my attention in this beautiful, vibrant, economically unstable country to not start keeping tabs in a live, illustrated way. So I bring you here, to the tranki yanki 🙂

“Tranki” is a butchered version of the word “tranquilo”, meaning calm or peaceful. It is most often used as a command (basically meaning chillll homie!) and really epitomizes the way most Argentines see drama in their life. A ”yanki” or ”yankee” is an American in Argentine slang, and ironically has nothing to do with New York. They simply got confused somewhere down the line, and it stuck. So, as the tranki yanki, i try to bring light to snipets of Argentine daily life, in as tranquilo a way as possible 🙂

Cruising into this place with an incorrigible American bias, I have no choice but to notice the differences of daily life, both large and subtle. From silly hair styles, to an overwhelmingly distrusting cash economy, I have taken in all that is around me and tried to throw up a bit of it into some humorous text and pictures.

So please enjoy, leave some feedback, and share the love 🙂


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hola Porteña,. Just ran into you online through a friend in common and read a bit from your intellect,. I am somewhat surprised to see how versatile you seem to be. All in all, I want to get to know your life experiences. Im extremely busy this week but if you have time next week Id like to get coffee. Animo.

  2. Oi Raquel, nós nos conhecemos em Arraial D’Ajuda (Porto seguro) numa sexta-feira 13.
    Eu sou amigo de Tiago.
    Eu sou Ray Smith Junior (Ninho).
    Eu gostei muito de conversar com vc.
    Do You wanna talke to me?

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