There are too many things that catch my attention in this beautiful, vibrant, economically unstable country to not start keeping tabs in a live, illustrated way. So I bring you here, to the tranki yanki :)

“Tranki” is a butchered version of the word “tranquilo”, meaning calm or peaceful. It is most often used as a command (basically meaning chillll homie!) and really epitomizes the way most Argentines see drama in their life. A ”yanki” or ”yankee” is an American in Argentine slang, and ironically has nothing to do with New York. They simply got confused somewhere down the line, and it stuck. So, as the tranki yanki, i try to bring light to snipets of Argentine daily life, in as tranquilo a way as possible :)

Cruising into this place with an incorrigible American bias, I have no choice but to notice the differences of daily life, both large and subtle. From silly hair styles, to an overwhelmingly distrusting cash economy, I have taken in all that is around me and tried to throw up a bit of it into some humorous text and pictures.

So please enjoy, leave some feedback, and share the love :)


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Hola Porteña,. Just ran into you online through a friend in common and read a bit from your intellect,. I am somewhat surprised to see how versatile you seem to be. All in all, I want to get to know your life experiences. Im extremely busy this week but if you have time next week Id like to get coffee. Animo.

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