Argie girls… why are they so nice?

I’m focusing on the girls here, because they have no reason to be nice. I understand why the men are nice, because I have boobs. But the girls in this country, for whatever reason, I have found to be inexplicably warm and inviting, and quick to include and trust a strange foreigner into their group of friends. I think I may have more girlfriends in Buenos Aires than I ever had in San Francisco (where I lived for a year and a half). I should clarify that they are definitely not BETTER friends – I am still infinitely more witty and interesting and charismatic (if i do say so myself…) in English, and there is no one in this world that will hold a candle to my best friends back in the states. But the quantity of girls I’m managed to seduce into friendship here baffles me. Shoutout to the ladies pictured, who for whatever reason have decided to love me and care for me and let me cling onto them (they’re fantastic) friends1 friends1 friends2 friends3 friends4 friends5 friends6 Now obviously I think I my personality is fantastic (you have to think that about yourself, right?), so my confusion here is mainly because I am in Argentina, and in Argentina am a pretty significant pain in the ass to befriend, and definitely to bring anywhere. My Spanish functions relatively flawlessly when chatting one-on-one, but in big groups? Olvidáte. Forget it. Then add a layer of cultural references and years of best friends’ inside jokes, and I am lost forever. I think of myself as a relatively kind and inviting person, especially having been in this position before (studying abroad, working abroad, trying to meet people). But if I were in California and out with my best girlfriends and we met a foreign girl… we might chat a bit, we may even offer to show her around or invite her out with us once or mayyyybe twice… but incorporate her into our circle? Invite her to my WEDDING? Sorry, I’m not that nice. She (this theoretical foreigner, that is) doesn’t speak English. She doesn’t get our humor and slows down our conversations. We have to talk slower, and explain everything we say. Movies, shows, comedians, politics, history, soccer… she doesn’t know anything. She has the vocabulary of a 4 year old. She may be cute and funny when the communication finally get across, but I have lots of cute funny friends. Pass. Hard pass. So why are they so much better? I’d like to think it’s my fantastic charisma, but I’m actually worried it’s the opposite. There’s a smidgeon of terror that people actually like me MORE when they can’t understand me and my mildly offensive sense of humor, and are relieved to have a nice blonde friend who will just sit there quietly and laugh politely when everyone else laughs (cuz she has no fucking clue what’s happening). Or maybe it’s just cuz to compensate for being an incompetent ass in group conversations, I show up with good booze. You can always buy friends right? Kidding. At least a little. These chicks really are ridiculously nice, and for whatever reason I’ve heard (often) the opposite from foreigners about Argentine girls, so I’m here to dispel any rumors. I’ve been invited to bachelorette parties, weddings, asados, family dinners, and group lunches more here than anywhere (excluding the fact that you know, asados only really exist here lol). I’ve been included and reached out to, offered advice and help, and made to feel ridiculously included. If i never come home, I’m blaming the overly accepting Argentine ladies 🙂

One thought on “Argie girls… why are they so nice?

  1. I think that in order to experience the best of Argentine men you should try going out with one that is witty, bilingual and gets your jokes. Sure I’ll miss some cause I don’t watch Netflix that much, but let me know and I’ll get the popcorn. Add me on ig or snapchat davidsky10 xoxo David

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