Who is she?

An American, or ”yanki” who picked up and moved to Buenos Aires semi-permanently with no good reason. This drives Argentines crazy, as they would really really like a reason. Hand gestures are thrown wildly as they flounder “Por QUE una chica, de california, quiere venir acá!? A Argentina!??”


‘Tis really a good question indeed. Why am i here? Truth is, I love the country, love the culture, love the ”onda” and most of all, am dying to perfeccionar mi español. After studying it for 10 years, spending time studying in Spain, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil both working and studying, I really just got the travel bug (doesn’t my whole generation?) And after being back in Argentina on a project while working for Deloitte, I really just got the feeling that I needed to pack up a big ol suitcase and get my ass down here. It also happens to be the only place I can hire a personal trainer and masseuse for less than $20 dollars, but that’s neither here nor there…

So acá estoy! Working for a small startup, directing their international expansion and business development, and spending free time dancing bachata, spending all my pesos on things that are unreasonably cheap here, and trying to convince as many unsuspecting Argentines as possible to be my friend. Whee!

Also, taking some free time to write this blog making fun of all the silly things about this country. I should throw out a disclaimer that I really love this country and mean all comments in fun and friendliness. America has at least as much absurdity  (an ambulance ride costs $10k? you can break into someone’s house and then sue them if you fall? college education is how much??) so please take no offense, if I didn’t love this place I promise I would not be here, away from all friends and family, working for 1/4 my old salary. Te quiero Argentina!

Thanks to all for reading and putting up with my nonsensical blabber 🙂 los quiero también!

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